Anti Ragging
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Anti Ragging


The following may constitute as a part and parcel of ragging:
·  Forcing the junior colleague to serve snacks or meals under duress.
·  Making juniors to forcefully sing a song, running in the ground, abuse other colleague etc.
·  To unrest the students and force him/her to display physical feats with or without the presence of the                 students
·  Forcefully asking the junior colleague to obey the command of the seniors.
·  To pose as a Joker amongst the gathering of the colleagues.
·  Making the junior bereft of the attending/studying in the class or stopping him/her for taking meals.
·  To harass or cut jokes under duress.
·  Any other abnormality taking away the liberty on any student can be termed as an act of RAGGING
    stringent action can be taken including filing of Criminal Cases against the errant students.
·  Ragging is an evil equated by the hon'ble supreme court as a criminal act.
·  Keep away from this menace and avoid keeping involved in any criminal offense otherwise you will land in       troubles